How to install Secure Privacy on Shopify


By Manish Gautam

updated 5 months ago


Shopify does not allow the use of external script in the checkout, so you will only be able to use Secure Privacy on your Storefront and the Order Confirmation page.

1. Log into your Shopify account

2. Click on Online Store.

3. Click on Themes.

4. Click on the Actions button on the top right and choose Edit HTML/CSS.

5. Under layout, select theme.liquid.

6. Scroll on the page until you find the following tag: <head>.


Some themes will use the tag, {/head}, [/header], or other variations of [/head]. These will work in the same way.

7. Paste the Secure Privacy Script just before this tag.

8. Click on Save.

Your Secure Privacy script is installed now.

To block other cookies and plugins on Shopify pages. You can follow these guides.

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  2. Block cookies with GTM
  3. Automatic blocking with Secure Privacy

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